(formerly known as Gay Head)

Aquinnah is one of the six towns which make up Martha's Vineyard. The town was originally known as Gay Head and in 1997 the name was officially changed to Aquinnah. The town is most famous for its stunning multi-colored clay cliffs along the shoreline. If you visit Martha's Vineyard you need to make sure you set aside some time to take in the absolute splendor of this natural wonder.

The Wampanoag, Native American tribe, was one of the first inhabitants of this area. Aquinnah (Wampanoag for "land under the hill") remains a large part of their culture.

At one time this area was quietly known as one of the last remaining nude beaches. After receiving a number of complaints about inappropriate behavior the selectmen and police decided to crack down on public nudity. Police will now fine anyone looking to tan in the buff and the beaches are now considered "family beaches".

Lobsterville Beach
Long Beach - privately owned
Philbin Beach - for use by residents only
Moshup Beach

Aquinnah Cliffs of Martha's Vineyard